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About the airport

Shymkent Airport is an international airport receiving all types of aircrafts without restriction. Working in the round-the-clock mode, it fully provides customs, border and sanitary–quarantine control. There is a QMS certificate of conformity to the ISO 9001:2008 international standards requirements and standard unified international IQNet certificate. 
Good location at the crossroads of transport flows from Europe in South – East Asia, the countries of the Near and far East makes it very favorable to perform both direct and transit flights, located at 100 km from Tashkent, 450 km from Bishkek, 700 km from Almaty on crossing of R482, B142, B114, P206, B30 international air routes.  
The Airport serves many airlines, carrying out the regular passenger flights related to the countries of near and far abroad, including: "Air Astana", "SCAT", "Transaero", "FLY Dubai", "BEK AIR", "S7". There are regular flights to all regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and CIS cities, the foreign and neighboring countries are carried out from Shymkent Airport: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Istanbul, Antalya, Urumqi and Dubai. 



departure gates 



check-in desks



passport control booths 



luggage belts     


aircraft stands


— The airfield is to aerodromes Class "B"
— The runway has geometric dimensions 3300h45 meters and high bearing capacity to accept all types of aircraft
— At the airport installed new Lighting equipment - lights high intensity JVI-1, a new meteorological firm "Vaisala"
— C landing two courses a modern instrument landing system SP-90

Aerodrome meets all certification requirements and standards of fitness for operation of civil airports.