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Baggage restrictions

Baggage allowances are determined by airlines and will depend on factors such as fare paid, class of travel, route, aircraft type, government regulations, and the airline’s commercial and health and safety policies. 

Airlines generally set a ’free baggage allowance’, expressed by ’weight’ and by ’piece’. They may allow, and set charges, for baggage not meeting these criteria (excess baggage). 

   Be sure to know in advance the conditions of carriage of excess baggage in the office of the airline! 

Oversized baggage

For oversized baggage (dimensions of one piece of baggage exceeding 50 × 50 × 100 cm), the airline will charge an additional fee. Payment is made at the ticket office or airport office of the airline. After payment, you should get a receipt baggage, which must present employee registration, and you will be issued a boarding pass. For information on the rules of carriage of oversized baggage should be clarified when buying a ticket.

Baggage enquiries

If you discover in the baggage claim area that your baggage is missing or damaged, please immediately go to the baggage Service counter located in the baggage reclaim hall and report it to the airport officer. The airport officer will ask you to file a report and advise you on the next steps. 

If you did not file a report at the airport, you will need to call your airline directly.

Please note, that baggage handling and delivery are the responsibility of the airline from check-in until collection.


At the airport you can wrap your suitcases, backpacks, boxes and carry-on luggage in tough plastic film that protects your baggage on its whole journey. The fee for the service is 1000, 1500 tenge (one item).